How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
Is this day over?
Remember this post? Well, I'm still figuring things out on my car. We went about two weeks before we figured out how to have the dome lights come on when you open the door. I know, we're quick.

One of the great technological gadgets on this car tells you how much farther I can go on the tank of gas I have. It will tell you all sorts of other things, too. I leave the gadget on the range setting so I know when to get gas. That seems pretty important.

Yesterday was another one of those 100 degree days. I walked around downtown in this weather for school. (Yeah, it sucks.) I sat through 75 minutes of a crazy professor. (She puts her lipstick above her lips.) I stopped by my husband's army post to register my car and get a new ID. I spent an hour at home before leaving for work. We cut and pinned flags for 2 hours then I stood outside with a bunch of high school kids for two and a half hours. Basically it was one of those days.

When I got to the school for practice the car said I could go 36 miles. Plenty to take my nephew home and get to the gas station. After practice the car said the range was low. What exactly does that mean. Low? How low?

After dropping my nephew off, I headed toward home which would take me by two gas stations. Less than one mile from the first station my car just quit. I RAN OUT OF GAS!!!! For the first time ever. I don't do things like that. Why didn't I just stop earlier in the day? Arrrggghhhh!!!

I pulled over as much as I could, which put the car leaning to the right quite a bit. I had left my cell phone in my husband's car earlier in the day. Wouldn't you know it. Luckily my car had it's own phone bulit in to it. I called my brother. I figured he would be faster than calling On-star.

He showed up, put a couple gallons gas in the tank and....the car still wouldn't start. The incline had all the gas on the wrong side. About that time a police car showed up and turned its lights on. Great. Could I be any more embarrassed? Of course, we had to pull my car off the incline into the road to see if it would start. During that time another police car showed up.

My brother was able to pull me on to the road and on the second try the car started. We drove the half mile to the gas station and I put 5 gallons in. I didn't fill up because that is probably the highest gas station. My brother was nice enough to call my husband and tell him what had happened. So when I got home I got the look and 20 questions.

Thank God yesterday is over. I bet I don't let my tank get below half again.