How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
They did what?!?!?!?!?
For about three weeks I have been looking for a new car. I bought a car I have hated since I bought it a little over two years ago. The first weekend my sister-in-law was here she pointed a car out to me that she said she wanted. It was a Saturn, but she told me it also came as a GMC.

Well, I began looking and driving and fell in love with the car. The price was a little high and I was upside down in my other vehicle.

I was finally able to get dh to go with me Saturday to seriously look and had decided what options I really had to have on the car. This particular vehicle is somewhat hard to come by, so I knew the dealership was probably going to have to go get it somewhere else.

Unbelievably, we bought this car at closing time Saturday. We had signed most of the paper work and we were going to finish the paperwork today. The rest of the weekend we spent looking for financing at a good rate. My thrifty husband found 4%. He rocks.

The salesman called me this morning and told me not to be mad at him. That's not the way to start a conversation. Apparently the dealership that had my car SOLD it yesterday to someone else. Ummmm, hello! That was my car.

Update: The salesman was able to find me another car with options that the old car did not have. He said they are going to give me the new car at the same price. The dealership is going to eat $345. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to get my new car.