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Sew what
What have I done? I have no idea what I'm doing. The color guard instructors with the band I work with have been looking for someone to sew the flags for this year. No one would help them.

When I was on color guard (a moment of insanity) we had to sew our own practice flags. While we were talking about the flags for this year I was told they were just simple rectangles. So what did I do? I said very proudly, "I can do that!!"

HA! I mean a really big HA!

They want a curved rectangle, a teardrop, and a flag that has stripes of different fabric. OMG!!

I can cross stitch with no problem. A bit different from using a sewing machine.

Today I went and picked up one of the fabrics. I took my ghetto pattern that we blew up from a picture in the fabric book and cut out the fabric. So far I have pinned the hem. It took 45 minutes. Is that normal?

I'm hoping to get one flag finished today. That will leave 59. I wonder if they need them this year.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Updated: It only took me 30 minutes to sew one flag. The girls are supposed to cut them out and pin them. That will make my job much easier. I'm still not so sure about the different colored strips.