How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
Would you please filter before you speak
This semester I am taking a business communication class. It is required for my degree. Next week we are giving a speech on our most admired person or organization. It was not at all hard for me to pick an organization. The March of Dimes. I really admire the work that they are doing with the prematurity campaign.

Yesterday in class we were going over everyone's outlines for their speeches. I thought it was supposed to be a rough draft. So I did a VERY rough draft. While I was on pain killers. I think it was 6 lines long. It was sad. I knew I would revamp it and it would be fine. I mean really. 6 lines to make a 5 minute speech. I would have been finished in 60 seconds.

When she got to my outline she told me again that she felt I had chosen a topic (premature birth) not an organization. She asked me what the March of Dimes is truly known for. The boomer generation knows them for being instrumental in finding the vaccine for polio. My generation doesn't really know that. She wanted to know how long the March of Dimes had been in existence. I told her. But I corrected her and said that was not why I admired the March of Dimes. I said they started at 5 year $75 million in 2003. She said there were other organizations that were involved with premature babies. She said, "If the March of Dimes was the only organization involved with premature babies we wouldn't have less premature babies, we would have more dead babies."

I have no idea what she said after that. I shut down. I felt the tears well up and I couldn't stop them. I put my new outline in my notebook, closed my notebook, straightened everything at my desk and then got up to walk out of the room with tears streaming down my face. All I wanted was to leave and compose myself and then return to class. The teacher followed me out trying to make things better. She didn't know that I had lost a preemie.

When I returned to class, I sat and let tears run down my cheeks. I couldn't stop them.

We talked after class and she said if I was that dedicated to that topic she would allow me to continue with the March of Dimes instead of starting all over. She also offered to give me an A in the class or on the assignement. Stupid me said I didn't want her to give me anything. I redid my outline again and she said that I had adapted well to the communication assignment she had given us. I think at this point she would let me do anything.

I just wish people would filter what they are going to say before it comes out of there mouths.