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Potty Woes
Ok ladies.

I need some advice. Wee man has been using the potty at school for some time now. We have set up his bathroom potty just like the one at school. He will climb on the potty and climb off and climb on and climb off and on and on. I've tried everything I know to get him to use the potty. He goes with Bob the Builder like they do at school. We've used Elmo. I've tried to bribe him. I'm just at a loss. I don't think I've been this frustrated in a long time.

You would think first thing in the morning it would be simple. He will sit on the potty, get off, I'll put his diaper on and he'll say "Momma, pee pee in diaper." He knows when he's wet or poopie.

Does anyone have any ideas for us to try?

Thanks for your help.