How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
Snot Fest '07
One day back at daycare and wee man immediately started coughing. So no big deal. This weekend his nose stuffed up. Sunday little nose started running like a faucet had been turned on. Now there is snot everywhere. He has decided that momma is his favorite person to cling to when he doesn't feel. While I cherish this time very much (two year olds don't like to sit still very often, the snot in my hair is not doing much for me.

He also started running a fever each night at dinner time. I talked to the pharmacist to see what she thought I should give wee man to stop the runny nose and sneezing. The cough syrup only worked on the cough. All the stuff for runny noses said not to give it to children under six years old without talking to your doctor. She has a two year old like I do and said she would probably give him Benadryl which should also help with the cough. BUT, she warned me to take him to the doctor because RSV is going around.

RSV freaks me out. We dealt with that last year. I know it can be very dangerous. The daycare has had a few cases of RSV this year. So yesterday after I got home from school, it was off to the doctor. He has an upper respiratory infection and all the meds I'm giving are exactly what the doctor would have recommended. I guess that means I'm a really good mom.

Now if we can just get rid of the snot everywhere!!