How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
It seems that I have lost all of the close people that I used to tell all of my problems to.

My mother works at an alternative school as a parapro. That means that shes a teacher's aide. The kids are bad. The cuss at her, throw furniture, get in fights, etc. I don't want to say it's an easy job, but we all work hard. This job has begun to affect her physically and is taking a toll on the family. I had begun cooking for the whole family and last week when I needed someone else to get things started because I would be at work until 6, she said "Well, let's just go out." The next day I asked her about it and she said that she gets a pass for the next two weeks (until school's out) because this is the hardest job she has ever had and it takes all she has to do the job. I've been miffed at her ever since, it's been a week, so I can't talk to her.

My best friend works at the job that
fired me. She has an 8 month old at home and most of the talking we do is through email.

My good friend in New York has an 18 month old. Besides the fact that she lives in NY she is very busy. I don't pick up the phone very often because I don't want to bother her. She and I IM when we find each other logged on at the same time and we need something.

Other than that, I'm pretty busy with school and my almost 3 year old.

So when I run into a problem or problems like I've had the past two days I don't have anyone I can run to. Everything I'm feeling and thinking stay pent up inside. I know it's not healthy, but what else can I do.

I'm not blaming anyone for my losing touch. I know the phone works both ways. It's just, I've had a couple of crappy days and I don't have anyone to share it with. I need a shoulder and can't find one.

Bring on the alcohol.