How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
It just breaks my heart
I HATE Daylight Savings time. Until I had Connor I had no idea how much a time change could affect a child. We are still trying to get him used to the change. It didn't take much for me this time since I was chasing 70 kids around in New York and worn out.

The other night we were having a terrible time getting him to go to bed. Bedtime is 8 o'clock. He played around while I was trying to put is J's on. He had to spend time in the naughty chair. Finally he settled down and we sat in the glider to read. We finished the book and I held him like I always do for a few minutes and then I put him in his crib. Then the incessant wailing started.

I let him cry for a little over 10 minutes and then I went in and held him some more. He wanted to get and play and I wouldn't let him. Finally he looked like he was ready to go to sleep so I put him back in the crib and stood there for a minute. He settled in so I left the room. Again with the incessant wailing.

Ten more minutes. I went back in. I would have let him keep crying, but I knew from the cry that he wasn't going to stop. This time I let him down and off he ran to our bedroom. He found Daddy putting clothes away in the closet. He laughed. It made me smile. His face was pink and stained with tears from crying so long. It was sad. I decided to try and lay down with him in my bed. He likes to twirl my hair when he is sleepy. Much to Ken's chagrin that's what we did. He tossed and turned. He patted me on the stomach. He talked up a storm. He hit me on the top of my head. He sat up. He laid down. I decided that wasn't working, so off to the crib again.

He laid down and settled in. I left. No sounds. FINALLY!!! Halfway down the stairs, WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I get to the den and Ken says, "My turn?" I said, "No. Let him cry." After 15 minutes of blood curdling cries and wailing and I don't know what all, I said, "Your turn."

Now you have to remember that my husband left when Connor was 6 months old to work for a year in Iraq. He has been home 2 months. They are still getting to know each other. Ken went upstairs and the crying got worse. I waited and it never stopped. After about three minutes I went upstairs and touched Connor on the shoulder. He looked up, reached for me, and I took him. He immediately stopped crying. And when I say immediately, I mean instantly.

Ken walked out of the room ticked. I couldn't figure out if he was mad at me or what. I held Connor for about 5 minutes and he was fast asleep.

When I got downstairs I asked Ken what was wrong. He said,"I go up there and he cries and screams. You come up there and stops crying in a nano second." I explained that he wanted me and that's why he stopped crying. The only time I take Connor from him when he is crying like that is at bedtime. Connor just wants to feel safe and secure. Ken said but he stops crying just like that. I said you know why don't you. He said for the same reason he follows Papa around saying Papa Papa and reaches for Gran. When he looked at me he had tears in his eyes.

What do you say to that?