How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
I've been sprung!!
Okay, I don't want any crap because I haven't updated in years. You see, first of all I want to give you all plenty of time to respond to my cry for advice. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know what happens. Second, I auditioned for the School of Music at Georgia State University Friday. That went much better than I expected. I was pleased with my performance.

So now for the story. I woke up Friday with a head cold. Great! Just what I needed. I had been felling nauseous for four days and was beginning to think I might be pregnant. (Not what I wanted) While I was waiting for a recital to start at GSU I realized that I probably had a UTI and should go to the doctor and get some meds. I have the best doctor. They are open until 9 on Fridays and you can just walk in. So I did. They decided I had a gastrointestinal virus. I was running a fever and felt really bad and Ken was supposed to work at the race the next morning so I decided to stay at Mom's so she could help me watch Connor the next day.

I woke up Saturday with a pounding sinus headache, but felt okay other than that. I watched Connor and Mom play for a while and then took a nap. About 11:30 I woke up and had a pretty sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. When I layed down it got worse. Eventually I was doubled over in pain and crying so Mom decided to play ambulance and rush my to the ER. The ER is a whole different post, but if you spent 9 hours on a strecher in the hall I don't think you would be happy.

Anyway, it was not my appendix and the doctor decided to turn me over to the surgeon on call. They kept me for observation. I was put on antibiotics which I had an allergic reaction to. (I still have the rash.) I was sent home Monday and still don't know what the pain was from. The surgeon said, "I think she just has the flu." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I was hospitalized for the flu? I don't think so. Two shots of demarol and a shot of morphine did not get rid of the pain. Something was seriously wrong.

So that is the short version of the past week of my life. I am better, but still in some pain. I'm supposed to go back to the doctor on Friday. Don't tell Ken, but I'm not going. What's the point? He never did figure out what was wrong. And I can't bear the thought of how much that little stay is going to cost me.