How softly you tiptoed into my world, so silently, only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.
The gig is up!
When you start a blog you should really remember to tell your husband that you started one. Oops! It slipped my mind. Well, now he knows, so no talking bad about him anymore. :)

I suppose you would like to know how I faired on my trip to NY with 70 high school kids. We did well. We didn't lose any kids. I got the New York version of the stomach virus that put me in the hospital a few weeks ago and my right eye decided to start to swell, but other than that I was fine. Monday morning I woke up and my eye was almost completely swollen shut. The eye doctor said it was some sort of allergic reaction. I'm much better now.

I saw the Statue of Liberty (again), the Empire State Building, Time Square about 40 times, the Philharmonic, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Ground Zero, a 4 hour bus tour, Central Park, NBC, South Side Pier, and we took a dinner cruise. The kids were wonderful. The adults, they were a bit of a challenge.

I took a few pictures. Ken is the picture taker in the family. I forgot to tell you that he called while we were waiting on our outbound flight to tell me his new job was sending him to Austria and he wanted to know what to do with Connor. He actually ended up in London. Wow! So much for my New York Baby! trip. Anyway, he takes most of the pictures and he wasn't with me, so I will see if I have anything worth posting and post them tomorrow maybe.